Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Whole Foods Run & Produce Delivery

Made my Whole Foods trip today. I just wanted to get my total to $15 so I could get a free bottle of lotion (I had a coupon from the Grand Opening coupon books I wrote about 2 weeks ago). However, the milk I usually try to buy for the kids to drink has gone up in price so I ended up paying a little more than expected. We made up for it in the fruit and cheese we sampled while perusing the store.

Purchased the following:
(2) Pecan Encrusted Whitefish Fillets
(2) Half-gallons of milk
(4) Jars of Earth's Best Organic Baby Food (on sale- big jars are $1, smaller jars are .75 or .80; you can find $1/10 coupons on the back of select Earth's Best rice or oatmeal baby cereals)
(1) 365 Body Lotion- FREE

Total: 18.22

Tuesday is also organic produce delivery day. Today's shipment:

(3) bananas
2 lbs. sweet potatoes
(3) valencia oranges
(4) red peppers
1 head boston red leaf lettuce
(5) paula red apples
(3) roma tomatoes
(3) bartlett pears

Total: 23.00

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