Monday, January 19, 2009

10/50 Coupon--my scenario

I scanned my card yesterday at CVS and a 10/50 printed--usually, this would be a "JACKPOT" moment, but this week at CVS isn't the best for freebies/cheapies, I always feel pressure to use these, but I didn't want to "spend just to save" (as my husband warns me of) so I took the coupon home and plotted...
I came up with this ideal scenario, but knowing that things are commonly out-of-stock, I was ready to leave the store if they didn't have it all in stock---surprise! they did.  so I came up with this scenario---it's a lot just to get free TP and free diapers, but hopefully the Hope Clinic will accept the medications as donations--I've given to them in the past (and hope to give my time to them someday as well...maybe in 19 years).   

Anyway, from what I'm reading online, many cards are getting this at the coupon scanner thingy this week, so if you have ECBs you want to roll or have a big purchase to make, check at the scanner--mine was to expire 1 week from the day I printed it.

Going in, I had $34 in ECBs I wanted to roll as much as possible:
-3 Throat Coolers (finally in stock again!) @ $4.99 each (giving $4.99 in ECBs back each)
-1 Nasogel @ $7.99 (gives back $7.99 in ECBs)
-2 CVS Allergy tabs @$3.79 each (gives back $3.79 each in ECBs)
-1 pampers @ $9.99 each
-1-20 ct double roll cottonelle pack at $12.97 (gives back $4 in ecbs)
Total = $53.xx
--pay with 10/50, BOGO throat coolers Q-valued at $4.99, $0.50 off throat coolers Q, $2 off nasogel Q, $1.50 pampers Q, 0.50 off cottonelle Q for a total of $34.01--paid remainder with $34 in ECBs
--pay $0.01 out-of-pocket!
Get back $34.xx in ECBS--voila! free huge TP pack and pampers and lots of meds to donate.


Cassie said...

*Bowing to the Queen.*

I got the 10/50 also and my head almost exploded trying to come up with a way to use it before it expires.

I'm going to call my CVSs and see if any are re-stocked with the Nasogel and Throat Coolers.


Anonymous said...

you girls are amazing! :)

Becky said...

Unreal! Great job. I am going to go see if I get the 10/50 one.